bee-line translation services

Have you been struggling to find a translator who would hand in a flawless translation and meet the deadline? bee-line is a modern translation agency which delivers English-Polish translations in time to you or your company at a truly competitive price.

We created bee-line because our experience with translators and translation agencies so far has been, to put it mildly, far from perfect. Is it at all possible to create a translation without errors or misspellings, respecting the client’s time and money?

We believe it is, provided that the agency does not hire students, who have to hurry to classes, take exams and still learn the art of translation. Students who obviously do not get paid. Secondly, providing that the agency is not overloaded with work, as a result of which translations are laden with gruesome errors by hastily copying texts into templates.

An exaggeration, you think?

Not in the least! Having been clients of several translation companies ourselves, never have we received a document without a factual error.

bee-line chooses to be professional, which means that we only hire philology graduates with an MA degree and a perfect feel for English and Polish language. Each text is revised and proofread by a second translator. Let’s put an end to misspellings, typos, factual errors, badly edited texts and sloppy target language!

Still, every translation company should operate in this manner, which is why we want to offer you much more!

  • Your time is respected: fast communication through the internet is our guideline. We answer emails within 1 hour and send translations by email in a convenient format.
  • We are not anonymous! You always get a phone number of your translator to be able to communicate smoothly regarding any comments or doubts about the text.
  • 5% discount on each order for our regular customers!

If you need something more than a typical translation, check out bee-line copywriting service.

If, though, this is exactly what you were looking for, contact us today. Fill in our contact form or call us to talk about the details of our cooperation. We guarantee it will fully meet your expectations. You have just found your translation company by choosing the shortest route towards your goal: bee-line translations!