In-company language help in Warsaw, Business English support

When a burst pipe has flooded the restroom, call a plumber. When your company is undergoing a fiscal audit, fetch your accountant as soon as possible. And when your business needs some language assistance, contact us! After all, that’s why bee-line language help was created.

Language help for businesses is like private lessons for children who need some support before tests or exams. Although not a student any more, don’t you sometimes need such support in your company? bee-line offers language help tailored to your needs in the area of Business English, when:

– you have to prepare a project in English but your team would really appreciate some language support,
– your manager from London is coming and it really wouldn’t hurt you to rehearse the presentation in English with a specialist,
– it’s time the customer service were able to put an English-speaking customer through and without being truly embarrassed,
– you need a few hours of speaking before you go on a business trip, as it’s been a long time since you last spoke English.

It is absolutely normal to feel unsure in quite many situations and to doubt your language skills. The truth is, English is not your mother tongue but you have to use it more and more often at work. It is also normal that when you try to build a team for a project, the level of English among your employees is uneven and often insufficient. A regular Business English course can be just as insufficient, because life brings you so many unexpected things that sometimes you just need the help here and now: just like you need a handyman to fix a pipe or an accountant to fight with the fiscal bureaucracy.


  • time is of the essence,
  • you need specific language support tailored to the needs of your team or company,
  • you want to feel confident in English in work environment,
  • you have a project that would benefit from some language supervision, so that you can focus on the content,
  • your firm is located in Warsaw area,

this offer is for you.

bee-line language help is a service available for any company, be it a sole proprietorship or corporations. Depending on your needs, our language help can be one-time only and last 1 hour, or it can take form of regular meetings in your company’s headquarters for a maximum period of 1 year.

Give us a call at 511 340 477 because there is no shorter path towards your goal than bee-line language help.