Copywriting in English or Polish Warszawa

In order to be noticed in a sea of good, average and poor websites, graphic design and a logo is simply not enough. Although so much has changed, the written word still remains the most convincing and decisive factor at the time of making a sale.

The end of Guttenberg’s era is not the world’s end

Nobody knows the exact number of websites created every day but one thing is certain: a company without a website does not stand a bigger chance of success on the market. More than 27% of Internet users speak English and over 54% of websites are in English. According to the research by the British Council, more than 20% of the world’s population use English to some extent.

What do these numbers show? The power of the written word, which is still essential to be noticed in a sea of good, average and poor websites.

Which swallow makes a summer?

A number of Polish websites has their English counterparts: more or less acceptable translations of subpages, thanks to which a foreign customer will know, more or less, what it is all about. The problem, obviously, is the “more or less” part.

Most web content translation jobs are given to translation agencies in the form of dull notes about the business. Consequently, the web in Poland is full of half-translated pages with references, slogans and advertising texts understood only by Poles.

An English-speaking client knows that he is buying seeds; however, he is lost as to why they are advertised by a flock of swallows, which “make a spring.” Intrigued, he follows the swallows to their Facebook page, where he is welcomed by unruly birds flapping their wings – which turns out to be a Polish-only contest application.

The research shows that 32% of consumers make a decision to abandon a website within 1 – 5 seconds. What is more, users instinctively look on the upper left corner of a webpage, where they most often see slogans and key information. But, as we know, it is harder to remember what we don’t entirely understand, so the chances are slim that the swallows will make a sale this time. On the other hand there are Polish clients, who are said to spend over 40 days a year online. The texts translated from English to Polish should not only be linguistically correct, but also catchy and convincing.

bee-line: defying mediocrity

Here’s where bee-line enters.

We offer web content translation and copywriting services, including Facebook fan pages, advertising slogans and texts targeted at the local clients. We say “no” to word-for-word translations of idioms or cultural references; we say “no” to Polish fan pages targeted at foreign customers.

Companies just beginning in the online world and those who want to stand out among competitors’ mediocre pages will be given copies – texts written in accordance with the rules of copywriting, texts which are convincing and memorable. Moreover, we offer SEO (search engine optimization) for the texts or slogans ordered. SEO will make your offer easier and faster to find.