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Because every text deserves a good translator, thorough editing and the final touch of perfection.

An accurate translation may save a dog’s life, a well-written or well-translated web content is optimized for search engines and will attract more clients. Same applies to Facebook campaigns where the posts ought to stay true to the brand’s identity, target a particular group, catch their eye and enticingly whisper “Click on like” in their ear.

Here’s a sample of our services and skills:

  1. A dog’s TK – specialized translation.
  2. Penetration tests – web copywriting (COMPLEX BEE service): in this case, on the basis of a short description, we wrote the Polish and English versions from scratch and then optimised them for search engines.
  3. Fan page: BeeHive language school, Wild Travel travel agency and a restaurant – depending on the target, Facebook posts are delivered in Polish, English or both. On account of data protection, all examples are fictitious and are presented solely as an example of the services offered.

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