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CONTENT BEE: translating web content 34.90 PLN
COPY BEE: translating commercial web content in accordance with the standards of web copywriting (ads, editorials, mission statements, etc.) 99.90 PLN
COMPLEX BEE: translating texts in accordance with the standards of web copywriting and SEO (finding the right keywords and implementing them into the titles, headers, links, page descriptions and content) 129.90 PLN
Polish and English translations 1,600 characters including spaces
regular translation 45 PLN
specialized translation 89 PLN
English and Polish copywriting
offers, ads, leaflets, folders, mailing, newsletters 1,600 characters including spaces: 109.90 PLN
fan page management 1 post: 39.90 PLN
FACEBOOK BEE CHALLENGE: 3 months, 36 posts 1,200 PLN
Language help 60 minutes
standard 99.90 PLN
Proofreading 1,600 characters including spaces: 25 PLN
Verifying translations 50% of the adequate translation

All translation and copywriting rates are net prices to which 23% VAT should be added with the exception of the “Language help” offer. The number of characters refers to the number of characters of the final version of the document. Therefore, when placing an order you’ll get an estimated price only. All rates are the same for English-Polish and Polish-English documents. This price list shall not constitute an offer.

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